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We are proud to be here to offer to you very special hosting services. Our main competitors are MzunguHosting and Summer Host, but no other ones else. Our principal goals would be to help Mali people with serious spirits, but how could we do that?

While many big brothers do not support IPv6, our servers will come with fully-supported IPv6 and never-exhausted IPv4 addresses. Members will have dual stack with a /16 or /8 subnet of IPv4, plus a /7 or /10 subnet of IPv6. All IPv6 addresses are native, not tunneled.

Surely, we offer a free domain along with every service for our members. Our network latency is very good: wherever you are, your connection to the service takes just a few miliseconds (ms).

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This website will be available in French language soon, as Mali is also a francophone country.

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